Culebrita Lighthouse Historical Reserve

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

The Culebrita lighthouse was built by the Spanish crown in 1882 - 1886. The main reason for the construction was to establish sovereignty over Culebra and the surrounding islets protecting it from the British and Danes.

The Culebrita Lighthouse located at the highest point of the Culebrense archipelago and to the east end of the islands of Puerto Rico

Only twelve years later the American-Spanish war put the lighthouse in the hands of the United States, in which it remains until today.

First the Navy used it as an observation post until 1975. Then the Coast Guard installed a light that works with solar energy, making this building outdated and without future use. Since then

On October 22, 1981, the Culebrita lighthouse was dedicated as a historical monument of the United States and registered as such. Yet neither the Coast Guard nor the Wildlife and Fishing Service which are the owners of Culebrita at this time, nor any other state or federal agency have done much to preserve the lighthouse.

The lighthouse has fallen victim to vandalism and the scourges of hurricanes Hugo in 1989 and Marilyn in 1995, most of the original doors and windows no longer exist. A large part of the roof has fallen and the rest of the building is on the verge of complete ruin.

So when you go to Isla Culebrita do not forget to visit the Lighthouse.


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